Why Merchants should Opt for Nespy

  • Customer Satisfaction

    By digitizing change at the point of sale, Nespy can boost the customer satisfaction of in-store checkout times, therefore increasing customer satisfaction and revenue.

  • Cash Security

    By digitizing cash transactions, Nespy can reduce the loss of cash due to mishandling and theft.

  • Efficiency

    By creating a virtual cash register with Nespy, merchants can upload digital change to their POS Machine automatically opposed to dealing with coin and cash pick ups and drop offs.

blank screen POS machine equipment,Point of Sale on cafe mock up template.
Irvine, California, United States - 09-01-2020: A view of a Clover POS kiosk, seen at the counter of a local restaurant.

Why Consumers should Opt for Nespy

  • Convenience

    With Nespy, eliminate the inconvenience of carrying spare change and cash throughout the day. Ask for your change to be digital at partnering locations so you can store, spend, or transfer funds with no hassle.

  • Cost-Saving

    By saving your change digitally, you no longer need to incur high processing fees (12% industry average) or deal with the hassle of converting coins to cash. Nespy users can simply transfer accumulated change to their bank account, send money to friends, or spend at partnering locations.

  • User-Friendly

    Whether you are tech-savvy or not, you will have no problems navigating the app. Nespy is designed with your convenience in mind so you can easily understand its complexities with just a few clicks.