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The Latest Digital Payment Platform for the oldest problem

To eliminate the inconvenience and hassle of change, sign up for Nespy. Available for consumers on the App Store and Google Play Store, and for merchants through their partnering POS systems.

Getting Started for Consumer's:

  • Download the Nespy App

    Currently, Nespy is still in development and patent-pending, but make sure to download our app once it hits the market to start storing and spending your digital change.

  • Sign up

    You’re all set! You can now store and spend your digital change at partnering locations and transfer your money to friends and bank accounts.

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Getting Started for Merchants

  • Sign Up

    Join Nespy today through our merchant portal or through your POS provider to create your Virtual Cash Register.

  • Customize Your Register

    Create customized parameters based on your business needs that will automatically fill your virtual cash register when needed or withdraw funds when you desire. No need to manage. Let us do the busy work.